C'est Rien

May 31 2011

Through the frozen river, I discovered
that all that cracks are not hard as stone. I found
that even when you’re lost with no lover,
the sun makes all the frost turn right around.

On all those tormented ocean, I saw
warships humbled in the fantastic waves.
I watched as, beneath unfolding skies; laws
unwound, sending gods to watery graves.

I have consumed to much. Excess in life
has brought me to an unknown deity.
Through my  troublesome anecdotes; the price
then was shown, and the world made  clear to me.

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May 30 2011

the used book store

i went to an old used book store,
and found everything i wanted.
Lovecraft, poets, and many more
were in a backpack I flaunted.

E.A.Poe and the Princess Bride
along with a handle of men
who act like ocean waves, their tides
roll over again and again.

And leaving I gave them a dime
and told them that i’d be seeing
them soon. Now with these books of mine,
I will be up all night reading.

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May 25 2011

There’s a pabst right here.
should I drink this hipster drink?
I’ll just toss it out.

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whoinvitedthegadfly said: I thought I'd "holla achu" on tumbla



I feel so honored to be holla’d at by such a tumblah-famous guru such as yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my tumblr heart!

but back to business..


May 24 2011

who can stop us two,
who can tell us not to laugh.
never thrown love out


speaking, I could have been a star,
brighter than the sun


the sky cried its words
that made the rain cry, and the
heavens weep fire.


without sorrow , I
would never cry over her,
but I’d remember…

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May 23 2011

she saw the water
in its exploding moment,
when all lights went out.

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both talking too fast,
the boy and girl discussed what’s
real and what is not

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